Behind the Image: Vineyard

Every once in a while we get access to a location that blows us away. If at all possible, we drop everything and do whatever it takes to make the location work for a photoshoot. This is exactly what happened when an amazing vineyard in south-central BC opened their doors to us. At first it seemed like a pipe dream, but soon we saw some location pictures, talked to the owners about what sort of things they had there and what we could capture. Before we knew it, we had a three-day shoot planned!

We wanted to focus on all aspects of farm/vineyard life - the workers, vineyard tours, the farm family, a harvest dinner party, and a final day at a lake house (since we were in the area anyway). This shoot was a big deal. Over 10 hours of travel for the team and booking models and crew in a fairly remote area are just a couple variables that make shoots like this more challenging. But challenges like this make it all the more rewarding when things come together as we plan and hope they would. And things definitely came together!


This image is from the wine tour portion of our shoot. The vineyard had a fantastic, hand-restored truck that they used for their tours and we wanted to make sure to feature it. It isn't every day that you come across an old Merc in such good shape! We had a group of 20-somethings going through the fields on a wine tour with a model who we cast as a tour-guide. Just so happens he used to actually give wine tours in that very area and ended up giving us a real tour – it was fun, educational, and authentic!

By the time we wrapped our days of shooting, we were all a bit sad to say goodbye to southern BC. As we sit here in the dead of winter in the Canadian foothills, it's easy to think back longingly of that time we made images in a sun kissed valley while occasionally tasting grapes off the vine...

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